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Thank you for your interest in RentSpace. RentSpace allows users to find and rent unique spaces. We’re an experienced and ambitious team seeking to redefine the space & venue rental industry.

At Rentspace, we’re focused on targeting new market streams. Our Hosts open their venues for creative uses, and we help them figure out things they never thought possible for their space. And for our RentSpace Guests---whether they have a quick meeting or need to plan a large event, RentSpace is there with a quick and affordable venue.

RentSpace is positioned for the changing workforce. We’re built to accommodate on-demand workspaces such as coworking desks, hairstylist seats, industrial workspace, commercial kitchens, filming studios and much more---wherever and whenever required. We want to simplify the entire idea of rental scheduling, by opening up seasonal venues to new and exciting off-season creative usages while ending the wasteful habit of cold calling individual venues.

We’re quickly growing and expanding RentSpace’s scope and breadth. We built RentSpace to re-envision how we as a society look at the space around us and we’ve engineered to be the global market leader for the rental venue and commercial industry.

With a strong, trustworthy and multifaceted team, RentSpace provides a lucrative investment opportunity within a high growth, in-demand market segment. We invite you to fill our request information form and get more information. Thanks,

RentSpace Team

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